HKB Architects provides energy rating to clients requiring Town Planning Permits and/or Building Permits.

We will provide for you stamped plans and the report required for your application. Thats all you need for your application!!

Our accredited energy rating staff will complete the rating and if necessary, discuss options with you to ensure you obtain a 5 star rating.

Email us your CAD files or provide a hard copy of the plans and elevations and we can proceed with your rating. Provide a detailed window schedule and we can complete your rating even faster. We will then post your rating to you at no extra cost or if convenient have some one pick it up from our office.




1.       Single story <200sqm: $200 + GST

2.       Single story >200sqm or Double storey 200 500sqm: $250 + GST

3.       Dwellings greater than 500sqm or complex designs $300min + GST.