Everyone in our office takes an active involvement in  projects. It is likely that you will get the answer you need from any member of our team.

However, Ernest Kollegger oversees and contributes to all projects, small and large.

Our team of experienced personnel range from contract administrators, drafts-persons, computer designers/operators, to architectural documentation administrators and general office/finance administrators.

Our key staff are:

Ernest J Kollegger FEL. DIP. ARCH. R.M.I.T. - Director


Ernest Kollegger has practised as an architect for more than 25 years.

He believes that HKB's strength is in its ability to build up long-term relationships with clients where loyalty, respect, dedication and a personal commitment to understanding the client's needs and aspirations is paramount.

Environmental consciousness is important to HKB, and Ernie would like architecture to be responsive to the client, the community in general and embrace the environmental opportunities of the site. Ernie accords with Buckminster Fuller's famous comment "Do more with less".

Ernie also loves art and is an enthusiastic oil painter. He plays tennis and golf and enjoys regular workouts at the gym, to help balance his personal and professional well being.

"We make it our personal challenge to do whatever it takes to meet client needs."

Robin Barber - Manager (Horsham)


Robin Barber has more than 20 years experience as a Building Consultant, specialising in the design and supervision of projects in provincial and rural areas.

Sport, particularly Aussie Rules and the performing arts are enduring passions. Robin is a member of the Wesley Performing Arts Committee of Management, which is focused on establishing a unique performing arts venue in Horsham. He coaches junior football and still gets a kick or two himself in the seconds and jogs regularly. He believes physical fitness helps mental alertness.

His professional skills are frequently called upon as a member of a local committee, which seeks to provide unique tourism facilities for Horsham.

Robin believes in combining his local knowledge and special understanding of the needs of rural communities, with the expertise and diversity of a larger organisation based in Melbourne. This has helped create a viable business and delivered a good level of service to the community, when other businesses are contracting.

"We offer what we believe is a unique combination of broad vision, with practical application and local involvement."